29 669 2015
sovrappensiero - winner

Cook won the competition

Young&Design 2014

The ‘cook series’ for mamoli is a range of flexible taps for the kitchen. The series responds to challenges found in this evolving space at the center of the home, where multiple interactions now take place. The classical faucet has been reworked in order to create a device that stimulates a sense of creativity to help bring people together. The great revolution is characterized by the hose, made ​​of silicone, brightly colored, soft to the touch, 360° movement and repositionable with no effort thanks to an integrated magnetic force. Cook reinterprets and brings spring taps for industrial kitchens in the home. The two worlds meet in agreeing forms: the cold steel embraces and supports the silicone, soft and colorful. From an aesthetic point of view, it can boast a unique design of its kind: balance and harmony are backed by impeccable dimensions and proportions, while the vitality of its colors gives a fresh and modern look, customizable in five variants: sunflower gray, red chili, green sauge, milky white and blue blueberry. The contemporary kitchen is no longer the workstation where meals are prepared, but a place to experiment and have fun, alone or in company. Cook was created to combine the functionality and flexibility of a professional tap to the warmth and colors of a moment of leisure; convenience and fun in the kitchen will no longer have limits: an essential hint to shape free thought. An eco-friendly cartridge is installed to limit capacity and temperature, ensuring that over time there will minimal waste of resources, while still enabling fluid movements.